IANS will be celebrating its first ever anniversary with a big "General Election Party" bonanza!

There will be music, there will be (fun) lectures, there will be home cooked food, there will be University wine, there will be live blogging, there will be games and there will - of course - be the inimitable BBC coverage!  


The whole shabang will take place in the 6th Floor Common Room and proceed as follows:


7.30pm - The Party Begins 

7.45pm - Lecture by Dr Jan Eichorn "Beyond the Vote: What We Can Learn From the General Election - Apart From Who the Winner Will Be" + more speakers to be confirmed! 

9pm - Music by satirical songmeisters 'Playing Politics' 

10pm - BBC coverage + Games (e.g. election bingo) begin!

Approx 12 midnight - Results Begin To Roll In 

3am - Waffle breakfast! 

7.30am - Home Time! 


We hope to see as many of you there as possible - it's going to be a very fun night! Bring family, bring friends! Oh... and we might even know who'll be governing next...  :)