Luuc Brans

Staff Writer 

Discipline: Sociology, Political Science

Research Interests: nationalism, (national) identity, sociology of culture, ethnic conflict, genocide, dealing with the past, socio-economic inequality and its relation to globalisation. 

If you were a box of cereal what would you be and why: very plain and easy: Dorset cereal - this cereal actually makes getting out of bed attractive. 

What did you want to be when you grew up: First, a fighter pilot. Sadly, I don't really have 20/20 vision, to say the least, and I later found out I'm a wee bit too pacifist to operate a war machine. After that, I wanted to be a superhero - I was entranced by Darkwing Duck when I was younger.

Where are you right now: Meadowlark cafe!

Tell us something about another staff writer: Katherine doesn't approve of one of my many embarrassing guilty pleasures: listening to R Kelly

Luuc's Articles